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If you want to see the fish, don’t stir up the water.

Who: Amberdrake and Spike
What: A chance first meeting~
Where: Out and about in Ludmead.
When: Present
Notes: --
Warnings: --

The skin around Amberdrake's eye is still a rather disconcerting shade of ick from his mean bastard of a black eye the other day, but it's healing up nicely... and a touch faster than one might normally expect. It's not so shockingly noticeable, now, that the kestra'chern will avoid leaving the house at all, although he hasn't yet gone back to work.

In fact, the walk he's on is one he figures will stay solitary, on his way back from... somewhere, heading for the house again. It's a ways off, and he's got his head ducked a bit as he goes, although the vibe around him remains calm and serene as usual.
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Spike has a tendency to wander, but although every now and then he wanders with purpose -- listening to conversations he passes, making notes of areas to revisit -- it doesn't look any different from the outside. He simply shuffles through the streets with an apple in his hand. No reason to suspect he's interesting at all.

So maybe he's starved for conversation, or maybe it's that barely noticeable black eye, that causes him to glance at the man he passes while taking a bite of fruit. That's the trouble with having keener than usual eyesight.

"How's it going?"
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Funny enough, Spike only took in the outfit after he turns around. Since he's not from here, he doesn't really know how odd it is. Maybe that's what their priests wear in this city, for all he knows. It could range from that to a street performer. Spike isn't one to judge.

"I asked you how it was going," he repeats calmly. Then he added with a charmingly sheepish smile, in case there's some confusion. "Sorry, I'm new in town. Just trying to find my way around."
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"Well, that's the thing." He looks around at the buildings that surround them and scratches at his head. "I think I might be lost."

Then he laughs. Tourists are always getting themselves into these things, he'll understand.
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Luck seems to be on his side; that wasn't hard at all. Spike keeps smiling, seemingly (and maybe partially genuinely) grateful.

"Spike Spiegel," he mentions in a way that suggest he's open to the idea. He didn't even have to be the one to come up with it.
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no problem at all!

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He raises an eyebrow slightly, but remains politely reserved in his expressions. Not as long as Spike has been here, and yet the guy gives the impression that he knows enough to offer directions. As if he needs more proof in how much he's wasted his time.

"Around the same, actually." Twice that. It didn't matter back then, so he isn't going to dwell on his shortcomings. There would be plenty more time for that later. Right now, he would focus on Drake, try to gleam what he can out of a fellow survivor. "I haven't even found a place to stay."
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"At an inn," he replies easily, like this isn't a pressing issue that he should take seriously. The fact is that doing whatever he can to scrape by isn't good enough any more. "I've kind of overstayed my welcome. They only let you get by on credit for so long."