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If you need to fall apart, I can mend a broken heart.

Who: Amberdrake and Sanzo
What: Hanging out on the roof at night with good tea and good company.
Where: The old dojo in Howl Barrow
When: Night-time, present-day.
Notes: --
Warnings: Vague discussion of past rape.

It's been a long and somewhat wearying day for Baedal's one and only kestra'chern. He's done with his final client of the day long after sunset, and has cleaned up and then...

Well, he's climbed up onto the roof of the dojo. With a pot of tea, and two cups, and a small box, and a blanket, which he wraps himself up in before sitting down and putting the tea things together.

Then, Amberdrake sits back and watches the sky for a while, letting the stars and the strange three moons make his mind drift. It's rather peaceful.
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Soft footsteps suddenly scuff quietly on the rooftop, and then Sanzo sits down beside him.

He watches Amberdrake for a few moments without breaking the silence, and then he, too, looks up at the sky.
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"Aaa." Yeah.

Sanzo doesn't pull away; leaning from his closest friends is something he's always allowed, even in sight of others.

"You see anything meaningful up there?"
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"Yeah. It's still weird, staying up late... Late enough to stare at the stars." Sanzo tilts his head back to look at the sky, too.

"It's not like I've got that bunch of assholes to keep up with anymore, but habits are habits... So what's so interesting about a sky with a boring view?"

It's not like he's really interested in the sky, but it's his way to keep tabs on his companions. Amberdrake is not so different from the rest of them.
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Sanzo eyes him for a long moment, then, and then takes the box. "Hn! What is this?"

Like he can't open it, but maybe he's asking about things in general.
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Sanzo stares down at it, then back at Drake. "Is this... some gift-sharing day?"

Hakkai sometimes pulled stuff like this, but there was usually a catch. And Goku sometimes came back with assorted shinies, but they were rarely anything interesting.

Most normal people would reply with, 'ohmigosh, thank you!' right off, but the dysfunctional monk just needs a round or two to get there.
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"...Thanks." Sanzo is great at being awkward about nice gestures, and it seems like he's only honed this talent in their time apart!

"This is... tobacco?" It almost smells like tea, sort of, sweet and floral and smoky. He always smokes Marlboros, but this is like switching from Lipton to a high-grade Oolong!

He might be a high-ranking priest, but such luxuries weren't available to those who lived such a spartan lifestyle, and the war between humans and demons had slowed that kind of trade anyway.
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"But that's... I mean, this is special occasion stuff, right?" Sanzo likes his shitty smokes, but that doesn't mean that he can't appreciate something like this when it's being all amazing and fragrant in his lap.

That Drake is taking a hit in money for it is also quite moving to Sanzo, but articulating that is, of course, beyond the scope of his emotional maturity.

The kestra'chern sure knows how to pick 'em.
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Sanzo ponders this, and then declares, "You are the finest among my servants--"

But whatever he might've said is derailed when Drake asks him that. "Hn." His expression sobers-- not that it wasn't very demonstrative before, but it's quite serious now. "When people say I'm pretty, usually it means that they want to peel my face off and put it on a wall, or keep me as a doll, or a pet, or..." Worse, in the usual petty, disgusting ways of people who liked pretty things and liked to take them.
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Sanzo is quiet for a long moment before he slowly admits, "It... it only seemed like a few weeks since you've been gone, but I don't know if that's really how long it was. I... woke up in a vat. I was trapped in there, the rest of the Chosen all were. The guy they sicced on me was a real creep. Kinda reminded me of someone, with his black robes and his hungry eyes..."
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"...Yeah." Sanzo doesn't pull away, though it takes him a moment to relax.

Maybe now, though, his standoffishness makes more sense.

"Yeah, I know." He stares down at the tobacco, and then carefully wraps it up. It might be for every day use but to Sanzo, it's special.
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"I know." Sanzo's discomfort is clearly audible. "Don't take it personally."

He's not rejecting Drake or his comforting, though to someone less versed in people's damage, it might seem that way. He's just struggling in general.

The fact that he's not reacting violently is probably testament enough that it isn't Amberdrake, but those words.
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"...You're sure you can keep getting more?" Sanzo really isn't taking any of it for granted-- not the fancy smoke, not Amberdrake or his close company, or that they're together again.

Just smoking that away...

Gifts are special.
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Up a sleeve it goes, perhaps never to be seen again.

A grunt is Sanzo's reply, but it is pleased.
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Sanzo flushes faintly.

"Aside from that, it seems like your business is working better now that we've got this place."

The kestra'chern's seemed a lot happier, or as happy as one can be in this place, anyway.
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"Yeah. I don't like it when those baldheaded assholes expect me to just regurgitate a few prayers and blessings and then leave, either."

Sanzo understands that, even if Amberdrake's traditional role is not exactly holy, it is in some way sacred. And he can't stand it when hypocrites try to turn such things into something cheap.

He isn't necessarily a devout or a religious man, but some things, just like gifts, are special.
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"...If it were an easy job, then you wouldn't want it. It wouldn't suit you."

Sanzo understands professional pride, even if he considers himself unworthy of his own vocation-- but compared to most people, even he knows he's a better fit.

"...You know, I don't usually take confessions," not that that's stopped people from confiding in him anyway, "But if you need to..."
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Sanzo's reply is just a shrug. He's not going to insist that they all talk about their feels; he's made the offer, and Drake can accept or refuse.
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"...Kids do stupid things. Maybe she'll grow out of it someday." Sanzo states it without a shred of irony; perhaps he includes himself in there, perhaps not.

"Besides, you were just this emo asshole when we met." Like he wasn't. "I guess bad first impressions are good sometimes."
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"...Yeah." Sanzo reaches for his cup once it's refilled, and takes a sip.

"Garbage always ends up in a heap, I guess." Is it any wonder that they're together? "But everything becomes trash eventually, doesn't it? No matter how much it's loved or it's wanted, someday it'll be out on the curb. But at least human trash can walk away."
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"Well, we're both trash, so that makes us the same," Sanzo assures him. "It would be hypocritical if you did."
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Sanzo nods slightly, slowly.

"I don't know what happened to me before I got out of that vat. It must've been bad, to lose you, to fuck me and the others up so much, to send Skandranon back... They were putting the pieces back together when I set off to find you."
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Sanzo carefully leans his cheek against Amberdrake's sleek black hair, and sighs faintly, too.