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[complete] I'm home again, I won the war, and now I am behind your door.

Who: Amberdrake and Sanzo
What: Drake's been out Healing people since the riots began, and is finally hitting the bottom of his resources when a familiar face shows up. Sanzo always had a particular timing...
Where: Ludmead.
When: Very late on the night of the arena riots.
Warnings: A little gore and violence at the start.

Amberdrake's vision is finally starting to gray out, inkblots of darkness spreading at the corners and sometimes blocking the middle, making his balance skew way to the left, or way to the right. He doesn't have to see with his eyes to Heal, so here he is somewhere between Ava's place and his own little rental house, patching some poor sod up who couldn't quite make it out of the line of fire quickly enough.

There's a gunshot, and Drake barely has the presence of mind to flinch at the sound or at the burning line of white-hot fire slashed across the outside of his arm. He's too distracted by the fact that the man his Gift was threaded into just died. Bullet to the skull, his Gift informs him as it happens in such excruciating detail, millisecond by millisecond, that even the seasoned war-Healer feels supremely nauseated.

Just as when he was Healing Wolfgang earlier today -- when there was still light and his eyes still worked properly -- he can feel a gun aimed at his own head. And just as then, he doesn't really react. Later, he'll tell himself that he was too distracted by withdrawing his Gift from the dead meat beneath his hands, but right then...

He doesn't really have a reason to care, now does he? For one tiny moment of loneliness-fueled self destruction, he can't be bothered to so much as duck.

Get it over with.
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There's another gunshot, but it comes from somewhere behind Drake, and the scream when the bullet hits cuts through the air like a ragged wet slash.

The sound of the shot, too, is oddly echoing, hollow, a distorted facsimile of the usual whipcrack sound. But its target might not have been killed; there's no telltale sickening thump of a body to the ground.


Low, rough, and yet measured, just one syllable, and yet the familiarity is unmistakable.
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"There was this calling," continues that voice. Even if it's dark, it's hard to see precisely whom it might be, since they're backlit-- by a streetlight? The moons?

"A voice, calling. Screaming. I've been looking for it. I was going to silence it, but now I don't feel like it."

The words are almost dispassionate, but the heart and mind behind it are not. The tumble of emotions there are as violently intense as any raging mob's.
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A long, pale, thin hand extends out of the light. Followed by an arm, and then the rest of whatever's behind it: a blond young man in cream robes, standing over Amberdrake like a headstone over a grave.

"This isn't where we're supposed to be. Let's go."
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Sanzo shifts his grip, and moves to get his shoulder under Amberdrake's arm. Grunt! He takes the bigger man's weight, though he almost stumbles himself--

For he isn't in great shape, either. There's blood on his robes, though not all of it is his.

"You pick the place. Jeep's not here, nor the others, so we're on our own."

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"Landlords bleed," grunts Sanzo. "That's all I've gotta know."

He then proceeds to kick the door in. Gently, so it just flies back with a CRACK!!! but still actually stays on its hinges. If anyone was behind it, they're probably missing a few teeth and maybe a nose or two.
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Sanzo doesn't fight it, doesn't argue, doesn't snap out insults; he's fallen into his gang's arms before when he'd finally been through enough, and he's considerate enough to offer the same.

He closes his eyes and breathes, accepting and acknowledging Amberdrake's presence as much as the feel of his body, if not more.

He's battered, too, though the kestra'chern might actually be in worse shape, especially mentally. It hasn't been a decade for him.
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Sanzo stares at him in his usual way: guardedly on the outside, and maybe even on the inside a little. He knows that Amberdrake has a family back on Velgarth!

What's one shitty monk by comparison?

"You're still the same grabby, sappy guy," he finally allows. That face has aged, but not unpleasantly so, even if the gap makes Sanzo even more of a young punk in Amberdrake's eyes... "Nothing's changed."

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The movement alerts Sanzo, whose sleep had been right at the very edge of unconsciousness; had that been a threatening movement, he'd've fired off a bullet before he'd even been awake.

His empty hand shifts to rest on Amberdrake's hair, for he's sleepy enough to forget some of his usual reserve, though as the kestra'chern keeps moving, his touch slides away, back to his side.

"What're you looking at," he grumbles drowsily. Mornings are not his forte.
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"And be stared at by your creepy face? No thanks."

Sanzo rubs at his eyes, and then mutters after a longish pause, "...We're disgusting. Do you have any toothpaste?"
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With much creaking, cracking, and groaning, Sanzo takes his old man-esque self off to wash.

But not before pausing, and this time deliberately -- if hesitantly -- reaching out to touch Drake's cheek.

Maybe he, too, hasn't been quite convinced that his companion is real.

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Sanzo eventually emerges from the shower all clean and scrubbed, and even though his hair is damp that stubborn cowlick remains.

If this were the road, their reunion would be easier-- climb into the Jeep, bullshit about nothing, fight a lot of demons, and then sleep. Or, in their previous demesne, return to Sanzo's temple, bullshit about nothing, and then go to bed.

But it isn't. It's a new, unfamiliar place, and it seems to the monk as if he's standing on slippery ground despite Amberdrake's words.

Interpersonal communication is not his forte.

So he does what any reasonable person would do under the circumstances: he heads to the fridge, digs a mayo jar out of his sleeve -- where did he fit it under the-- wait, he doesn't even have sleeves, so where...? -- and puts the jar in the fridge.

Now, it is his fridge, too!
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"You'll just get into more trouble if I leave," grunts the monk, like he's not a shining example of this, too.

"This place is no good, though. Needs more servants." Though if he had more servants, he'd be grousing that they're too noisy and nosy and get in the way.

He turns to look Drake over critically, and then wordlessly walks over and holds his hands out for what the kestra'chern's got in his.
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Sanzo starts cleaning out the wound, a little less gently than the kestra'chern might have, but thoroughly all the same.

"No buddhist temples?" He hadn't found any, and it had been easy money: show up, take over, rake in the donations.

He's noticed those changes in Drake, of course, but he says not a word now.

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