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[open] Whatever is prepared for never occurs.

Who: Benevenuta Crispo, Amberdrake
What: The meeting arranged here.
Where: Valhalla Inn
When: An hour after Drake showed up in the game.
Warnings: Doubtful, but will update if so.

And as promised, here was Amberdrake. He found a chair somewhere in the lobby and sat down, most of his visible attention on the device in his hands that he'd been writing back and forth with various people on.

At least I remember what cellphones are, he thought wryly, keeping an Empathic 'eye' on the room for his expected company. I would be far more lost, elsewise.
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The promised grey sweater probably wouldn't be very remarkable if it hadn't been pointed out; Benevenuta herself doesn't appear very remarkable, of average height and pretty enough from the right angles, habitually dressed and styled to present herself as unassuming, nonthreatening. It's a balance - demure but still competent, careful not to tip the impression she gives too far into the other direction.

She looks younger than her profession suggests, but norms vary. It may not mean anything to him.

“Amberdrake? Vanessza Bernát.” Her expression is friendly; her accent some mix of Hungarian and Parisien.
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“The first thing I did when I arrived, I pawned my jewelry, I had a glass of wine, and I had a job at the Glory Shada before week's end,” she says, offering a hand to shake with the awareness of many reasons why someone might politely decline it. “Believe me; I understand.”

And by her pleasant, easy manner, she's happy to pay forward the luck that she had when arriving. Not everyone arrives with an immediately profitable skillset and a couple of familiar faces, after all, and they aren't all as uniquely suited as she is to relocating on a whim.

(Even if it is usually her own whim.)

“So. Cafè or bar?”
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“The Apache,” she decides, and it's not so much a matter of preference - she tends to go a little more upmarket than that in her own spare time - as it is a bit of sentimental whimsy. Bruce owed her a drink (she'd decided) when she arrived, and this is the first bar she went to in the city. It seems fitting- and besides that, it's quiet and comfortable and doesn't make her skin crawl the way the Valhalla does.

Her slight discomfort there is subtle - not visible, certainly, necessity and age have made her a much better actress than that - but present, and it dissipates progressively as she leads him out into the street. Too many militiamen spend too much time in the Valhalla for her tastes; even before she'd got the lay of the land here, she'd opted not to linger there even a night.

“If you are interested in the Glory Shada,” as they walk, “then I would be happy to put you in touch with my colleagues there. I worked as a trauma surgeon.”
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“It is a hospital, not so small,” she admits, smiling back, a little thoughtful, noting every indication of his history out of sheer habitual reflex. “The clinic I oversee now at Madrasati is a much smaller institution, but we don't have any full time positions available right now. I do like to keep an ear to the ground, as it were, for people who are available to do specialized on-call work.”

Clinic supervisor at Madrasati; head of medical consulting at Thames. Benevenuta is overworked even before you touch on the fact she's a very successful mob doctor in her spare time. How she manages upkeep of an energetic personal life on top of all that is anyone's guess, although probably 'practise' has a lot to do with it.
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“You have an empathic ability, yes?” She's interested, if in a largely clinical way - learning what she can expect from the people around her to make best use of their capabilities. It's not a bad approach for someone who runs multiple clinics and needs and wants to keep them up to scratch. “It's true for all practitioners, your saying- we are no good to them, made a mess of.”

The Apache isn't far from the Valhalla, and she directs him in ahead of her with a gesture and a smile. A drink and maybe some bar food isn't a bad way to start out here, the way she sees it.
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A pause, where she was about to explain that working within the Baedal medical community has brought her into contact with similar abilities before (in her colleagues, and in her patients), and she opts to answer his second question first. She can hear why she should.

“I am familiar with much of at least our cohort, and I have ties outside of it.”
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“I'm sorry,” she says, “I don't know of him, but it is a very large city.” Their shared cohort is just one small, uppity part of it; in a place the size of twenty-first century London, it's easy for even people who share that cohort to go unnoticed by some if they prefer it. “But if he's a member of our cohort, then he will have access to the message that you recorded earlier.”
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“One of the first things I did when I arrived was begin to educate myself,” she says, with an efficient glance around to settle on a booth before she signals the barman to order drinks and see if the menu is available. It is, and she opts for a glass of red wine and a sandwich for herself; she'll pick up the tab for whatever Drake wants, given his recent arrival and that she knows full well how much money new arrivals do and do not have.

Once they're sorted and she's setting her tote down beside her in the booth, she goes on, “I like to know what my colleagues are capable of - so that we can best work together. And understanding the needs of my patients is obviously essential. I have friends at the university who don't mind lending me texts to work on in my own time, but, as you might guess, these things- they are not common to my own home.”

She adapts very well, which is both nature and learned, honed skill.

“So it is an educated guess that I make, to why you might struggle in a hospital situation. I have found that people speak more readily of their gifts than, for instance, their illnesses.” In other words, she thinks the conversation that they'd had would've been different if it sprung from, say, work-related PTSD.
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“There are a few of us in the cohort,” thoughtfully, adjusting her bracelet on her wrist. “Myself, Dr Xavier, Dr Banner. My former colleague, Dr Wander. Njoki Rainmaker, as well, although she works specifically with the dead. Cruorvores, revenants; they have their need of healing, and she is our on-call expert.”

There's no shortage of demand for such skills and support in Baedal - though the city has infrastructure, much of it is understaffed, underfunded or simply corrupt. There's a reason why Benevenuta devotes so much of her professional life to two separate nonprofits, in addition to an under the table private practise, and it's not just that she'd probably get bored if she stopped courting disaster. (They all know what they're risking, working at Thames.)

“Myself, I am a little bit of everything necessary. Surgeon, general practitioner - which includes psychiatric evaluation and support, from time to time. Contraception help; I am a qualified abortionist. And, of course,” with a dry smile over the rim of her glass, “administrator.”
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“A form of biokinesis,” Benevenuta says, nodding her understanding, giving some thought to its implications. (She doesn't dwell too long on what an empathic ability suggests in relation, but she grasps it more readily than might be assumed, given what her benevolently distant manner suggests about her emotional availability.) “Would you say that your therapeutic practise is more of a counselling or diagnostic role?”

She can draw her own conclusions from what he's already said, admittedly, but she'd like to hear his opinion - an elaboration of his thoughts on the subject, to better understand what he's offering and thus what she might be able to offer professionally in return. Madrasati would be a good fit either way, she thinks; being able to forward appropriate cases to him from Thames would be useful as well, but the commitment and risk involved in being openly associated with that organization is something that someone should have more than a few hours in the city to be fully cognizant of.
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“Qualified therapists are something we have great demand for, I am sure you cannot be surprised- at Madrasati, particularly, you would be working exclusively with the xenian community, sometimes for those who are ill, and sometimes for those who do not need illness to struggle with the situation this city creates for them. I'm available to deal with initial assessments and ongoing medication if that is the option pursued, but to have more counsellors on staff would be a boon to us, absolutely.”

Presumably most job interviews actually take place at the school itself and not in a bar, over wine and tea, but Benevenuta is more than willing to be flexible when it's in the best interests of both her work and the people she works with. And even if all that comes of this is a light meal and an interesting conversation- that isn't time wasted, in her opinion.

“Dr Xavier, who is our head, has a specialty in genetic therapy- he works intensively with powered children, for instance, to give them guidance and understanding as they master themselves. Madrasati itself offers varied support to our xenian community- we are a non-profit school and social service, offering education, healthcare, referrals to other support options, even housing. Baedal is a city with prejudices, many of which are institutional; our mission is a safe space to offer care and support in the most holistic way.”
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“The war, at least, I can imagine.” The war she can do more than just imagine- but that history belongs to different lives led, and isn't anything she allows to show past her always mild exterior. Either way, wealth and her blue-eyed paleness have given her a privileged position from which to navigate both her own world and this one, and her experiences and sorrows are a different animal. “You should know that in this city, gifts such as yours do fall often under the 'xenian' heading.”

Presumably she doesn't need to point out that Baedal is no better than most places about racial discrimination, either; if it weren't, that might merit a specific mention, but Benevenuta has never known anywhere not that way.
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“Precisely how much people in Baedal object to abilities beyond the norm in apparent humans varies,” she observes, taking a sip of wine. “Certainly things are easier for those whose power doesn't visibly manifest.” Xenian politics are a complicated beast; magic is more tolerated than species variations, those who can pass for human might rarely or even never be directly bothered...but the atmosphere lingers, all the same, more closely than those without these things can understand.

The hypocrisy involved in Benevenuta's lies never occurs to her. She's too used to thinking of herself as something apart, considers herself neither mortal nor xenian, and rarely contemplates how these things apply to her, four hundred and fifty one years old.
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Benevenuta smiles, slightly and a little sadly, and sips her wine instead of saying that she hopes he's right but lives her life accounting for the likelihood that he may be wrong. The cognitive dissonance involved in condemning him while taking advantage of what he can do is not beyond a lot of people, and then there are those who would never feel comfortable letting him try to aid them in the first place, who would never be grateful afterwards.

Her private medical stock includes potions that could simplify a healing process exponentially- but uses them rarely, because even beyond her own need to understand what she uses on a patient, there are those who will not accept aid that comes in the wrong form, that frightens them or is abhorrent to them. It is what it is.

She says, “I am too much accustomed now to being in the company of telepaths to be concerned much by finding myself in the presence of an empath.”
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Her smile turns faintly wry, and she says- “I'm no professor to give lectures, and I am certainly no one to critique idealism.” Because she is, at the heart of her, an absolute idealist. The fact she's also aggressively pragmatic and excessively competent has made her very irritating to people who are more comfortable with the kind of idealism more easily dismissed as naivete; it's hard to accuse her of that willful ignorance.

But that aside-

“Baedal, you will find, is infinitely varied. Perhaps a third of our population is xenian, and we are pulled from many, many worlds - these things,” telepathy, empathy, “are, I think, among the most straightforward.” Certainly among the most commonly known, the most familiar. “Even among specific xenian communities, there exists astonishing variety- we discussed vampires, very briefly? 'Cruorvore' is the catch-all term, for those who subsist on blood or gore, but these words cover many different experiences and sub-species. Some unholy- others purely biological in origin.”
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Desperation creates all sorts of situations, Benevenuta has found - and this is a city with a great deal of desperation. But he's been here less than hours, and has time ahead of him to learn the needs of this city for himself; from their conversation so far, she's confident that he will, and usefully. It's good, she thinks, to know already that he takes care with himself as well; somewhere like this, it's so easy to burn out.

“At Madrasati we keep records of our patients' particular needs, to best learn what it is we need to know. I do a lot of private research in my spare time- it helps.” Just being qualified isn't enough; there are too many variables in play not to be constantly improving, learning, adapting. It's one of the most appealing parts of staying in this profession while she's here, which she'll admit she initially hewed to because of the high demand for qualified surgeons and the kind of pay involved in that work.

At the time, it was the most practical choice to make in order to quickly and efficiently get her feet under her. Now, it's- less practical, but she knows what she's doing. She can make it work.
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Some of Benevenuta's patients prefer that she not keep records, but those also tend to be the ones who pay her in diamond necklaces and discretion, and that's a very different conversation.

“Likely,” she acknowledges. “But if you know what you need it to do, then it is not so much difficult to find suitable alternatives- I have done a lot of work, for example, in sourcing and trialling alternate medications for patients who rely on something they no longer have ready access to. It is a little bit trial and error, here and there- but medical science can be an inexact process to begin with, no? So it goes.”
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“I can recommend an alchemist,” she says, thoughtful; it's funny how many things in Baedal are familiar to Benevenuta that shouldn't be familiar to Vanessza. Coming and going in horse-drawn cabs, relying on a herbalist...

It's an interesting place to be.

“I work with potions, occasionally, but I like to fully understand them before I use them with a patient. It's a great deal of extra study.”
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They all come with directions, naturally, but she's a physician - she's supposed to understand what she's doing, she's supposed to be able to adapt if the treatment needs to be adjusted somehow. The first alchemist she dealt with, the wizard, she suspects he was a little surprised by the level of research she expected to do on what she was purchasing, and he didn't even know just how much she actually did.

(Dying repeatedly for science is not actually her idea of a good time, but it gives her a good baseline for dosages and learning the signs of complications ahead of time. It isn't as if poisoning will permanently damage her, after all.)

“It's interesting, those of us who are familiar with similar phenomena to this city. What it suggests.” 'Us', yes, although Xanadu never held her prisoner. Or at least not very long at a stretch, and certainly not without compensation in the form of experiences.
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“No, indeed. Xanadu is different- not a trap city, more of sort intersection.” Where people come and go; like Baedal, she doubts that anyone who did live there was from there originally, but for the most part, they could come and go more or less at will. She'd been trapped there a couple of times, but never for even a full day - she visited because she was curious, mostly.

After that first time, with the robot war, well. Anyone would be curious.

(To be fair, 'anyone' might not have gone back to see what happens next.)

“I know it only a little, but I've heard on the network of other places, too.”
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“What I have heard, I think there is perhaps no 'norm' where these experiences are concerned.” It's a big multiverse, and there are times that even Benevenuta finds a moment in which she can feel very, very small.

(Not often, though. As mild-mannered as she tends to come across, if arrogance equated with height, she'd be the fifty foot woman.)

“So perhaps Baedal will always be an unusual one. But not, in all forms, objectionable.” She's aware not everyone is so sanguine as she is about the place, and she's equally aware that that's a little odd of her- but a little healthy optimism can't hurt to offer.